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Closer To Wildlife

know little more about wildlife with us. Northeast is the place to explore the beauty of wildlife to the fullest and we are offering you this opportunity. Visit different zoo of northeast or you can also go for Safari which gives you the chance to be little closer to wildlife.

Near to Nature

A home to thousands of species, nature has always amazed us with its beauty. Feel connected to nature a little more by visiting the valleys of northeast.   Nature has a lot to offer to those who are willing to respect it offerings.

Behold Awesome Scenary

Scenery that is beyond your imagination, Northeast will never stop to make you fall for its beauty. We offer you the tour of your dream. Rest to your tired soul, far from noise.

Awesome Adventure

Add some adventure in your journey and make it worthy. We never ignore our client preferences as we have a bag, pack of awesome adventure tours that will make your journey fascinating.

Take Rare Path

We give you the chance to explore the path where you can have more fun and be able to create memories of lifetime. Path always leads you to the place where you exactly belong. Try with us something different.

Nightout & Camping

Journey is colorless without fun and memories. Adding little colors to it nightout and camping is something you should try. Nightout and camping in northeast will give you different experiences that will definitely going to amaze you.  We will give our 100% to make your journey comfortable and smooth.

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Manish Kumar

It's awsome trip to Sikkim. Unique Travels is best to set up every trip travel
agent is very supportive in every condition.


The itinerary was carefully thought through and well balanced.
The trip represented great travel for the cost.